The Goose drinketh as deep as the Gander.
No man ought to look a given horse in the mouth.
The rath sower never borroweth of the late.
He that winketh with the one eye and looketh with the other, I will not trust him though he were my brother.Nick would wipe his nose if he had one.In every Countrey the Sun riseth in the morning.'Tis wit to pick a lock, and steal a horse, but 'tis wisedom to let him alone.You are as wise as the men of Gotham, who went to build a wall about the wood to keep out arte directo de la generacion de porno the Cuckow.Sweet meat will have sowre sauce.
When theives fall out, true folks come to their own.
He hath not a peny to bless him.
The Catt would eat fish, but she would not wett her feet.
Let God be true, and all men liars.
To steal a Goose, and stick a feather.Of all the Fish in the Sea, Herring is the King.It is good to beware by other mens harms.You put the cart before the horse.Give a child while he'l crave, And a dogg while his tail will wave, You shall have a fair dogg, and a foul child.Constable; spoken in derision.A Lords heart, and a beggars purse.Charity begins at home.Put a Miller, a Tailor, and a Weaver in a bagg and shake them, the first who cometh out will be a thief.

One doth the scathe, and another hath the scorn.